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The advanced order of production

The advanced order of production

For fuller and qualitative performance of your orders we ask to adhere to following rules at the formulation of orders. Ordering the engine, the consumer should specify:

  • Type;
  • capacity;
  • rotational speed;
  • rated voltage and communication chart;
  • environmental performance and location category;
  • execution on a way of installation and a degree of protection;
  • number of specifications;
  • special requirements

Type information about your order
Specify all the necessary given and our managers
contact you.
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Our contact details:

212649, Republic of Belarus,
Mogilev, 8 Korolev str.,
JSC Mogilevsky zavod

Chief of the marketing department:
Telefax: (+375 222) 73-84-09

Telefax for orders:
75-19-51, 73-84-43, 73-83-15

E-mail(marketing department):

Telex: 102133 WOLNA BY

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