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The advanced order of production


branch "Mogilevsky zavod "Electrodvigatel" offers you the production and various variants of long-term cooperation on a mutually advantageous basis

  • Three-phase induction electric motors AIR56, AIR63, AIR71, AIR80, AIR90, AIR100, AIR112, AIR132, AIR160 capacity from 0,12 up to 18,5 kw of an alternating current with a pressure from 40 up to 660 In and frequency of 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Single-phase induction electric motors AIRE562, AIRE562, AIRE562, AIRE632, AIRE712, AIRE712, AIRE712, AIRE804, AIRE100S4 capacity from 0,12 up to 2,2 kw.
  • Three-phase and single-phase induction electric motors asynchronous engines of series AIS, conformitly to European standards CENELEC (DIN.)
  • Single-phase induction electric motors for products of household purpose with capacity on a shaft from 25 up to 180 with a standard pressure from 110 up to 240 In and frequency of 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Three-phase induction electric motors hardened engines of a new series 4BP, 4BC (1ExdellBT4) the advanced analogue of series AIM and interchangeable.

Our contact details:

212649, Republic of Belarus,
Mogilev, 8 Korolev str.,
JSC Mogilevsky zavod

Chief of the marketing department:
Telefax: (+375 222) 73-84-09

Telefax for orders:
75-19-51, 73-84-43, 73-83-15

E-mail(marketing department):

Telex: 102133 WOLNA BY

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